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About Us

"Who we are & Where we from"

AD-Wifi, with headquarter in Taiwan, is the pioneer company who is providing the world-class Broadband wireless (WIFI) connectivity that enriches the internet users’ experience in the city. We help people to stay connected with our stable, hi-speed & secure wifi connectivity services in the cities.

We partner with major internet service provide and mobile network operator to shopping mall, restaurant outlets, fast food chains, entertainment and leisure venues and even mainline rail stations at major cities of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. We are highly commit to expand our wireless hotspot coverage in the whole asia region to accommodate more users with superior internet connection experince.

What we do

With a 100% guarantee of capturing the audience, mobile advertisement has play an interesting role to improve the satisfaction of the customers. We offer display advertisement in high-traffic venues, an expansive advertising method for mobile marketers to engage with on-the-go customers

Free Wi-Fi Services

FREE value added service offered to customer where all of them wanted to stay connected wirelessly most of the time.

  • Increase of satisfaction, loyalty and expectations.


Gain excellent exposure where millions of user connected.

  • Promote your products, services, marketing campaign and advertisement.
  • Tailored promotional messages to your targeted and valuable customer.

Marketing Oppotunities

In-store Digital advertisement, digital marketing strategy.

  • Able to customized promotional messages to target specify group of customers to drive more sales.
  • Dedicated special message & interactive with customer to build up the good relationship.

Our Features

With unlimited features that we offer, we promise it’s possible to make everything that was impossible for you!

For Business

Let’s work together

Enriches your business environment with AD-Wifi can drive more revenue with multiple ways:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Deliver in-store promotional message or conduct online surveys.
  • Know your customer better through the wifi interactive.
  • Providing the secure & hi-speed internet services for customer.

For Personal

We keep you Stay Connected

With thousands of free Wifi hotspots across the cities, you can enjoy fast, reliable and secure internet access. Benefits of using AD-Wifi

  • Enjoy the endless wifi internet access for your entertainment need.
  • ou can work on Wifi! Enjoy the fast wifi access to your business email or conduct meeting conference.
  • Stay connected with your friends or your family by using the hi-speed wifi to interact with them.

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